"Ni Shang" by Wu Hongliang

Wu Hongliang, Director of Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy

The creation of "Ni Shang" or "Rainbow Fashion Series" is interwoven with Pan Song's life ---- graduated from Central Academy of Craft Art (now The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University), teaching in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Pan Song has been nourished and inspired by the professional surroundings. He takes the initiative and adopts "fashion" as the topic to create sculpture artworks, which is rare in China. The techniques he adopted are also enriched: lacquer is brought in as its flamboyance naturally suggests fashion; various colors appear in the bronze series, green, gold and silver, splendid and decorative.
And how to use the rough and tough cast iron to suggest the seemingly contradictory feminine softness, is what Pan Song has been exploring and studying. Abundant materials are integrated well into his lacquer artworks; eggshell, for instance, may well remind you of the Carnival in Venice, and of the dramatic aspects of masks.
The integration of fashionable elements into sculpture is in reality a process of transforming fashionable culture into classic one, for which Pan Song has made a breakthrough. The dialogue between fashion and sculpture is made through an art language. Clothes go inseparably with design which is human-oriented, while art in itself is not necessarily human-oriented but a spirit to promote and advance human. Seeking for a concept transformation of fashion, design into pure art, Pan Song possesses his unique way of interpretation.

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